Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ian Strage at the NGV Melbourne


I have to admit something kinda silly here, I haven't heard of Ian Strange aka Kid Zoom before. I was at the NGV looking at this amazing graffiti covering the sides of houses, and a video of a house on fire, and I was awestruck.

I couldn't believe an artist could see the things he see's, and how he sees them. To quoted David Hurlston "SUBURBAN is a powerfully evocative and compelling body of work. Through his photographs and and videos Strange challenges the notion of the family home being a place of warmth and safety." and I have to admit, I agree intirely.

The work is powerful and haunting. standing there watching the burning house, you almost feel compelled to help. You are drawn in and thrown away, either in fear of the darkness of the images or wishing you could help those souls you think trapped and lost.

I implore anyone and everyone to visit the NGV and wander the exhibition while it is on..

Ian Strange 'SUBURBAN' will run from 27th July 2013-15th September 2013