Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Develop your OWN Black and White Film.. PLEASE!!


Yeah I shoot film a lot. I love the grain and detail it gives. I know that you can filter and muck around with digital to give the same feel, but why not go to the real thing straight away. 

The sad thing is that so many people have moved away from film, the art is being lost. for like $20-$50 you can get all the chemical and things you need to be able to develop a roll of black and white film yourself!!


I can guarantee it's tons more fun doing this yourself at home. Not only actually taking the photo, but doing the development yourself!! This is where the "art" of photography has fallen down over the years. Please click this pdf by Ilford Photo and do yourself a favor, learn a new technique and have more photographic fun!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lensbaby.. My New Baby..

Well I have had my Lensbaby now for almost a month now, and I have to say I'm very very impressed. I have been keeping it with me a lot, and have found many many situations where I actually prefer to use it over a specific lens.


I have been using the Muse like I said, for about a month now, and just keep getting better and better images. The Plastic Optic gives this amazing dreamy feel, and a bokeh that just does my head in. It leaves me almost breathless to how and what is achievable with something so simple.

I'm dying to get my hands on a Double Glass optic to see the difference in clarity and style (just email me for my details Lensbaby employees), and have already ordered the Creative Aperture 2 kit and should have that in a couple of weeks.


I will post a few more pictures when I get the Creative Aperture 2 kit, and have had a decent play with it.

Again if anyone and i mean ANYONE at Lensbaby would like to help me out with some gear to play with, just drop me a line!!

More of the Holga 120N Love..

Sometimes we get cameras to work, and sometimes we don't. I have to admit that the Holga 120N I purchased a while ago from the team at Lofico has been with me every day for 2 years, and it's still giving me mixed results. Now that's not because of anything else but me.


I have only (and yes I mean only) really gotten my head around the exposure times and light required for taking a great photo with this "Toy" camera. I have been switching between ISO 100 to 400 speed films, and really think I have hit the mark at ISO 200. It just seems to work better and give a wonderful result. I know this seems to bring down the amount of film choices to Rollei Crossbird or Fomapan Creative 200 but I really do think the results are worth it.


You can find more shots over at my Flickr or just search Holga and you can and will come up with a ton of different, and inspiring images to work from.