Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some more Sports Photos.....

Managed to get to DISC (Darebin International Sports Complex) just a touch early today and snatched a few pictures of the riders racing before I had a training session.

Shouldn't take to long to get a few up for you to look at tomorrow.

Stay Posted.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looking to expand the arsenal... And add a BIG Printer..

Today starts the research for some new kit at PhyNyght Studio.

I have thought and thought over the matter and decided, we should get a printer. Now the major problem in this is deciding on what one? GGGAAAHHHHHHH there are so many. The only thing I know for sure is that #Epson is the winner but as to which size is the key. I need to rationalize the size of the prints we want to do in house, and what we are going to send off to the Lab for Printing. I still think anything over 12"x18" should probably go to the lab because it wont fit comfortably on A3+ size.

So that said I think the Photo R3000 will be the winner unless  find some money behind the couch and can get a Stylus Pro 3880...

Big Decision's.... BIG DECISION'S.....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monotony..... But still a useful tool...

Having to search and find programs to work the way you want can be such a pain, But when you get it right, it's great.

I'm using the Nikon software ViewNX2 to do some BULK converting of .jpg images and it seems to do a pretty good job. It will rename and even drop the files into a new folder while not breaking up the things you have already done.

So if you have a Nikon Camera, take a good look at the Nikon Software..

Lomo Photograph of Spink Street Gardenvale.

spinkst by fixiedouche
spinkst, a photo by fixiedouche on Flickr.
A night Black & White of Spink Street in Gardenvale Victoria. Taken on a Holga 120N using Neopan Across 100.

LOMO Photography.... Great Fun..

Well I dropped into Bond Imaging to day to pick up some prints of head shots I have done for a friend and realized my film was also ready to collect.

I had shot a roll of 120mm B&W film over a few weeks just as a fluff about, and DAM they look good. I really think they hold some odd feel and look. They have a tone and color that is second to none, and can't be reproduced in digital. It makes me realize why people are starting back to the "Old Ways" of photography. I plan on printing a few negatives on some Projector Plastic (acetate) and print them with Cyanotype (check out Alternative Photography for more information) .

Very glad I gave it a try, and plan on doing a little more with it. I will post a picture in the next day or so.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Life For An Action......

Things look different at every angle.. It really doesn't matter where or what it is, sometimes point of view is the only thing we have. 

So today I have struggled and struggled through trying to do a bulk .jpg conversion and watermark conversions on about 190 pictures.. And decided it might be just easier to do it one by one the long way. 

Sometimes Adobe is really fiddly!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Begun..

Well this is the first post connected to PhyNyght Studio.

My mission is to give not only affordable Photography to the people, but give a very different slant to everyday ideas and situations.

I can't wait to share my photographic life with you all.