Saturday, May 24, 2014

Passion.. Creativity.. Originality..

There would have to be a few ways to describe what this is about and how to look at it.

I would suggest if you asked Doctor Daks it's about not being a copy cat DICK and you will never fake it till you make it.

Doing anything takes hard work and persistence. You gotta try and try and try till you either love it or leave it. It's about passion, late nights, and busting your ass over every job or advantage that might come your way.

Art is hard, don't ever think it's easy, and to be even more direct photography is fucking hard. Everything you do as a photographer is held up to a light that started in the 1800's and the only thing to really change has been the technology. The amount of pressure put on your shoulders to 'Be Original' is so hard to hear, that the words bounce around in your mind till they mean nothing.

To be original, you have to work HARD!! To work HARD you have to have PASSION!! Then with HARD WORK and PASSION, you will find ORIGINALITY!!

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